Although we do not want to get in the way of true love    
we have to advise you of the following...

We are a Covid secure venue and we will always operate under current Government guidelines and laws to remain Covid safe.

Due to the current situation our wedding packages on our website may not be as described.

The current Oct 2020 Wedding guidelines from the Gov UK website are as follows:

  • Up-to 15 guests including the couple (does not include suppliers or staff).

  • Social distancing rules still apply to everyone in attendance both indoors and outdoors. People from different households/bubbles should be 2 metres apart or 1 metre if outside.

  • Receptions must be sit down meals with table service only. Guests must wear masks when getting up from the table.

  • Seating arrangements must follow social distancing guidance. Appropriate distance between tables must be upheld between guests who are in different households. 

  • Food and drink must be served to the table.

  • buffets are not permitted, or shared platters, unless serving to a table of the same household.

  • Masks must be worn indoors at all times, unless seated to eat and drink.

  • All attendees including suppliers details must be provided before the day.

  • A first dance by the couple is permitted. Dancing by other guests is not permitted.

  • Regulations  require venues to follow this guidance or face a fixed penalty of £10,000

  • In between events the venue is closed for 48hrs and is sanitized following guidelines.

  • Please note during Covid restrictions the Runaway package is reduced to 4 hrs

Small weddings are still beautiful.  Let LOVE rule the day!

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